Purchasing a business is a complicated and time-consuming effort that can involve hundreds of hours spent evaluating opportunities, meeting business owners, negotiating purchase terms and conditions, conducting due diligence and coordinating a successful closing – all before you even step foot in a business as the new owner. Let our team proactively assist you in identifying business opportunities that meet your financial and lifestyle needs. Every year we encounter hundreds of Buyers who ultimately do not purchase a business because, without professional assistance, they become overwhelmed by the process. As your representative, our experienced business intermediaries can streamline your business search process.For those looking to purchase a business the initial meeting will cover topics relevant to the level of financial commitment you are able and willing to make, as well as the level of earnings or income you desire. We will explore the type of business you would like, in part, based on your experience base. One of the keys to successful business ownership is finding a business you truly enjoy, as the commitment to business ownership requires a greater commitment of time than does typical employment. So you want to enjoy what it is you’re doing. We often find that the business an individual buys is often quite different from the type of business they think they would like to buy prior to our first meeting. When the acquisition process is led by intermediaries who have had experience in business ownership and management the process is a fun and enjoyable experience. Everyone on our team at Business Research Group brings that experience. Our team will guide you from start to finish as we do the following:

  • 1. Educate you about the buying process
  • 2. Identify your needs, goals, and desires
  • 3. Assist in the selection of acquisition candidates
  • 4. Confidentially contact candidates
  • 5. Work with you to assess opportunities and challenges of each candidate
  • 6. Helping you negotiate deal terms
  • 7. Facilitate Management Meetings and Due Diligence
  • 8. Coordinating due diligence
  • 9. Assist in arranging financing
  • 10. Work with your legal, accounting and wealth management teams through closing of the transaction
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