The professional business intermediaries at Business Research Group are passionate about what we do. We understand the importance of delivering the results our clients desire. That’s why we hold an initial meeting designed to get to know one another. We want you to see who we are, learn about our backgrounds, and feel comfortable asking the questions that are important to you. We will identify your goals, objectives, and reasons for selling or buying a business. Then we will explain our services, and craft a program best suited to your needs.
For most owners, selling a business is a once in a lifetime event and one of the most important decisions of your lifetime. Turning your business into cash is a complex matter involving a wide variety of variables, many of them unique to your business. Additionally, you face an uncertain economy, unbridled competition, and sophisticated Buyers. We provide competent and experienced professional guidance, so you will not be facing them alone.
You deserve to realize the full value of your business and that is what you will get with Business Research Group. Our team provides the kind of personal attention and resources to small and lower middle-market firms that typically are available only to larger companies. Our expertise in this highly specialized industry creates an advantage for our clients. This translates into positive negotiation results and properly structured transactions. During the entire process, our clients are able to maintain confidentiality and continue focusing on operating their business and preserving or increasing the value of their businesses.
Our business intermediaries specialize in helping business owners sell their businesses quickly and confidentially. Our team’s knowledge of the local marketplace, combined with the global reach of over 450 affiliated offices benefit you directly. As part of the world’s largest business brokerage network we can confidentially expose your business to thousands of potential Buyers. At Business Research Group, our fees are success-based, so we get paid when you do – at the closing table. Selling your business is a rewarding event, but achieving a successful sale can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. BRG’s process for selling a business is designed to streamline the sales process and mitigate the inevitable challenges you will face during the process. Our team will guide you from start to finish as we do the following:

  • 1. Educate you about the selling process
  • 2. Identify your needs, goals, and desires
  • 3. Analyze Business Operations
  • 4. Business Valuation
  • 5. Draft a Confidential Offering Memorandum
  • 6. Develop a Marketing Plan Including Target Acquirers
  • 7. Contact Target Acquirers
  • To learn more about the BRG Sales Process
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  • 8. Market your business confidentially
  • 9. Negotiate deal terms
  • 10. Facilitate Management Meetings and Due Diligence
  • 11. Coordinate due diligence
  • 12. Help Buyers find financing
  • 13. Coordinate Activities of Other Professional Advisors
  • 14. Assist Closing the sale
  • To learn what your business is worth
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We have owned or managed our own small and Middle Market companies ourselves, and are experienced in bringing these opportunities to the marketplace.