When a business owner is considering selling his business it is time to consult with a professional business intermediary. The decision to sell can be difficult, complex, and often emotionally charged. This decision requires weighing the advantages of transition against the time, energy, and capital that has been invested in growing the enterprise as well as the ongoing investment to continue with the business. We understand these issues because we have been there ourselves.

Initial interview

We want you to learn about us, our backgrounds, and our capabilities. Then we want to learn about you, your business, your goals, needs, and concerns. We help you to identify whether or not this is the best time to sell your business, and if doing so will meet your financial goals. It is very important to your initial decision-making process that you gain a general understanding of what your business may be worth, and what your expectations are as to the role each of us should play if we move forward together.

Once the decision to sell is made, most Sellers want to find a Buyer who appreciates the business, the value of the company, and will successfully continue the owner’s legacy. Business Research Group will provide a wealth of information and expertise that will ensure that you and the Buyer enjoy a smooth and successful transaction. To help facilitate meeting your goals we follow a disciplined process for selling a business.

  1. Preparation and Valuation
  2. We will prepare an opinion of value based on documentation we receive from you. The valuation will be conducted by an experienced broker under USPAP guidelines. There is usually no charge for conducting this analysis. In some cases we will recommend a more formal valuation conducted by an independent, appraisal firm under the USPAP standards. This Certified Valuation considers a wide range of factors in the general economy and the specific industry of the client. In addition, the valuation staff researches other comparable transactions in order to meet the requirements of USPAP and establish a Fair Market Price for the business.

    Tax Strategies

    The tax consequences need to be considered from the start. We work with you and your tax advisors to develop the optimum sale structure to minimize the taxes associated with the proceeds from the purchase of the business.

  3. Marketing
  4. Confidential Business Profile

    BRG, with your assistance, will create a Confidential Business Profile that presents the business in a clear and easily understandable format. Most business owners choose to market their business confidentially. At BRG we require that each potential Buyer sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to our releasing any information about your business. We only present your business to Buyers who are financially qualified to buy your business and have signed a Confidentiality Agreement.

  5. Working with Buyers
  6. Buyer expectations and requirements vary widely. Our experience allows us to quickly identify the needs of the Buyer and, where appropriate, adapt our process or educate the Buyer. We provide as much information and guidance as necessary for each step of the process. Buyers often overwhelm the Seller with inappropriate requests for information or detail. Business Research Group will control the process to minimize the burden on you so that you can continue to focus on growing your business.

    Buyer Commitment

    Once the Buyer is provided with the necessary information to make a commitment, we encourage the Buyer to make an offer. Usually, this is in the form of a Letter of Intent or Offer to Purchase. We will work with you and your attorney and/or accountant to evaluate the offer and make recommendations to improve the price or structure of the proposed deal. Our goal is to get agreement on a Letter of Intent that is fair to both parties and is structured in a manner that will facilitate a smooth due diligence and closing process.

  7. Due Diligence
  8. Proper management of the due diligence process is critical. This phase is particularly difficult because a Buyer will now need to receive very sensitive information. Business Research Group will coordinate this activity to minimize any potential disruption to the business. We will work with the Buyer to establish a manageable step-by-step guide to completing the due diligence in an efficient and timely manner.

  9. Legal Agreements
  10. Upon completion of due diligence, the process of completing the Asset Purchase Agreement begins. This agreement is the final binding agreement for the transaction. Business Research Group works with attorneys to get a good agreement that both you and the Buyer can sign.

  11. Closing
  12. If Steps 1 through 5 were properly completed, the closing is largely a ceremonial event. Both you and the Buyer have achieved their objectives and are ready to transfer the business ownership.

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