Buyer’s Process

Becoming a business owner is a major decision. Business ownership can be exciting and challenging at the same time. It will affect you financially and can change the lifestyle of you and your family. If you are ready to make the move to business ownership, we at Business Research Group can help. We can provide you with the professional assistance needed for a smooth and successful transaction. There are many things to consider when buying a business because it is complicated even for the experienced Buyer. At each stage of the process, challenges may arise and you want to know there’s an advocate in your corner you can trust.

  1. Initial Meeting and Interview

We’d like to get to know you and your needs for purchasing a business by personally meeting with you. When we meet we will discuss your goals, the amount of cash you are able and willing to invest in a business opportunity, and your needs and concerns.  When buying a business, it is paramount that the business fits the interests, background, and unique set of objectives defined by each client.

  1. Identifying the Right Business

Once one or more businesses have been identified that may be of interest to you, we will further discuss the opportunities. We will provide additional details about businesses of interest once you have registered yourself in our system.

  1. Showing the Business

Once you have identified what may be the best business opportunity for you, we further discuss the possibility by meeting the owner, and answering any operational questions that you might have.

  1. Offer or Letter of Intent

This is the stage when an initial offer to buy the business is made. Negotiations take place until all the general terms of the purchase are agreed to by all of the parties concerned.

  1. Due Diligence

During Due Diligence you and your advisors, attorneys, accountants, business appraisers and other professionals will have an opportunity to complete a thorough review of the Seller’s books and records, inspect the business premises and take other appropriate steps to verify the Seller’s representations and remove all contingencies.  When the due diligence process has been completed and all contingencies are removed, the contract becomes binding. Should the business fail to pass due diligence review, you may withdraw, modify or amend the Purchase Offer. A myriad of details arise during due diligence, and an experienced professional broker is invaluable to even the experienced business Buyer.

  1. Financing

The majority of business purchase transactions require some form of financing. We work with you to secure the appropriate financing. This may involve Seller’s financing, bank loan, Venture Capital financing, private investors, SBA financing and funds obtained through other financing resources. Regardless of your financing requirements, we will provide guidance and assistance in locating the right lender.

  1. Closing

If Steps 1 through 6 were completed properly, the closing is largely a ceremonial event.  Both you and the Seller have achieved your objectives and you are now the owner of the business. A new adventure is at hand. You are now in control of your own destiny.

When you work with us, we will guide you along the way and help make your transition to business ownership stress free and easy. So, now is the time to go to our “Businesses for Sale” section and get started on your search for your part of the American dream.

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