Targeted Acquisition Program

Our Targeted Acquisition Program makes it easy for you to find and buy the right business. If you have been looking for the right business for some time, you may have already discovered that it’s hard to find exactly the right business opportunity. Researching and locating a suitable business is time-consuming and can be frustrating. Experienced Buyers often snap up the best listings as soon as they hit the market. Or, you could end up in a bidding war against a Buyer with much deeper pockets. Buying a business with the help of a BRG acquisition search expert removes all those hassles, hurdles and risks.The Process

  1. Initial Meeting and Interview
    We’d like to get to know you and your needs for purchasing a business by personally meeting with you. When we meet we will discuss your goals, the amount of cash you are able and willing to invest in a business opportunity, and your needs and concerns. We will develop a targeted business profile that clearly defines the business opportunity you are seeking in terms of a specific set of parameters.
  2. Targeted Search
    Your Business Research Group consultant conducts a search of thousands of businesses on your behalf, and based on the information you have given us, develops a short list of prospective businesses that match your criteria. Even if their business isn’t for sale, business owners are often willing to work with us when presented with a qualified Buyer who’s genuinely interested in buying a company like theirs. That way, you’re the only Buyer in the running – no competing bids and no need to rush in with an offer until you’re ready.
  3. Showing the Business
    Once we have identified what may be the best business opportunity for you, we further discuss the possibility by meeting the owner, and answering any operational questions that you might have.
  4. Offer or Letter of Intent
    Together we will draft an initial Letter of Intent to Purchase the business. Negotiations take place until all the general terms of the purchase are agreed upon by all of the parties concerned.
  5. Due Diligence
    During Due Diligence you and your advisors, attorneys, accountants, business appraisers and other professionals will have an opportunity to complete a thorough review of the Seller’s books and records, inspect the business premises and take other appropriate steps to verify the Seller’s representations and remove all contingencies. When the due diligence process has been completed and all contingencies are removed, the contract becomes binding. Should the business fail to pass due diligence review, you may withdraw, modify or amend the Purchase Offer. The due diligence procedure is costly and time-consuming. It is only initiated after you and the Seller have reached an agreement on price and terms. A myriad of details arise during due diligence, and an experienced professional broker is invaluable to even the experienced business Buyer.
    The majority of business purchase transactions require some form of financing. We work with you to secure the appropriate financing. This may involve Seller’s financing, bank loan, Venture Capital financing, private investors, SBA financing and funds obtained through other financing resources. Regardless of your financing requirements, we will provide guidance and assistance in locating the right lender.
  6. Closing
    If Steps 1 through 5 were completed properly, the closing is largely a ceremonial event. Both you and the Seller have achieved your objectives and you are now the owner of the business. A new adventure is at hand. You are now in control of your own destiny.

When you work with us, we will guide you along the way and help make your transition to business ownership stress free and easy. If you want peace of mind and security that you have purchased the right business for your family then Targeted Searching may be right for you. We save you time and effort by finding you exactly the right business and avoiding businesses that don’t suit your needs.


Please feel free to call us today at (804) 381-6667 or to discuss buying a business, or to learn more about the process of selling a business.