Business Research Group is the premier full service Business Brokerage firm in Central Virginia.

We have researched, tested and adopted the latest and most effective marketing strategies in the industry.  We utilize the latest technology to increase our reach in the marketplace and to attract and engage potential buyers.  Utilizing our nationwide network and extensive database, we are able to provide our clients with national exposure.  Our team of professionals brings decades of experience to each transaction and we work as a team with our clients and their outside professional advisors to offer practical and market driven advice.

 Business Research Group specializes in the sale and acquisition of closely held small and mid-market businesses in a variety of industries. Whether you are an owner contemplating the sale of your business, or an individual, corporate or private equity group looking for the right acquisition, we can handle your project with complete confidentiality and expertise. Our results-oriented firm stands ready to tailor a solution to help you attain your goals of either selling your business, or buying a business in the quickest and most profitable manner possible.  We have transactional experience in a variety of industries – wholesale, retail, restaurant, manufacturing, distribution, construction, and business services to name a few.

We understand that the process of buying or selling a business is a sophisticated one demanding the highest professional standards.  Our expertise, commitment and integrity facilitate successful transactions structured to meet the personal and financial goals of both Buyers and Sellers.

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"I can't thank you enough for your outstanding work helping me sell my business. Over the past several months, as we have worked closely together, I have come to appreciate your calm, focused and professional way of managing a business sale. As you know all too well, my business is quite complicated, yet you were able to get the buyer and me to 'common ground'. I am pleased with our results and can now look forward to my retirement."

CB W., Technology Business Owner

"Thank you so much for your most effective job representing me as I sold my business. You are a highly skilled negotiator and I am particularly pleased with the way you represented me as we worked with the landlord and a new lease for the buyer."

Joyce H., Retail Business Owner

"Michael, we can't thank you enough for the outstanding work you did helping us sell our business. We had no idea how complicated this transaction could be and how many details were involved. I can't imagine we would have ever sold our Company without your assistance."

Mike L., Packaging Business Owner

"Michael, thank you so very much for your help as I bought out my partner's interest in our Company. Quite frankly, I wasn't sure we could figure out a way to make it work, and I'm positive it would never have happened without your professional assistance."

Frank W., Real Estate Appraisal Business Owner

"This is just a quick note to thank you for an outstanding job selling my business. I know some aspects of the business needed improving and I appreciate the way you were positive, professional, and proactive as you kept things moving."

Tim B., Medical Billing Owner

“Michael is a professional and a pleasure to work with. He was able to save me time and energy and deliver only qualified people that were a good fit for our business. He is also a good go-between in dealing with prospects and helped with other aspects of the transaction. I strongly recommend him to other business owners or buyers.”

Wayne T., Energy Management Company Owner

”Michael, I tried a number of brokers before I met you and enjoyed working with you right from the start. I gave you an exclusive because I liked you and thought you had a good personality to interact with the buyers. You listened to my needs and treated me like a friend and as a result you were successful where the other brokers were not. I have recommended you to a number of my fellow franchisors and will continue to do this whenever I know of anyone buying or selling a business.”

Gay B., Franchise Business Owner

“I have known Michael for over a decade. He is an extremely capable business intermediary who brings many years of experience and a strong track record to the business-for-sale marketplace. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to buy or sell a business in Central Virginia.”

Charlie B., Business Broker

“I could have tried to sell the business myself however it was very important that my employees didn’t find out about my potential sale because I was afraid they might look for another job. BRG does the job of having all potential buyers sign a confidentiality agreement before revealing which Business is for sale. As it turned out my employees decided to stay after the sale but at that point they could feel a lot more comfortable with their jobs when I was able to introduce them to the new owner and manager. I also was amazed at all the details that you brought to my attention and that we addressed before closing.”

Tom R., Technology Company Owner

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all your time, expertise and patience while helping us put together a deal with the seller. I think it will be a successful transaction as we have made a good connection and will be able to sustain and possibly grow the business. That said – we are always looking for other opportunities of the same general description where owners are looking to retire. Thanks again for your assistance and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Bill C., Technology Company Buyer

“Before coming to BRG we listed our business with a big national firm. Our listing didn’t get much attention because they had thousands of other listings. BRG got results for us fast. You were instrumental in making this deal happen.  There were a lot of things that needed to be negotiated and you were able to find a way to get problems resolved. I look forward to using your services again when it comes time to buy or sell another business.”

Matthew L., Tanning Salon Owner

“Dear Michael, Thank you very much for all your hard work. I know that it takes a lot of phone calls with a lot of potential buyers to provide me with the most serious buyers for my business and therefore I’m happy to pay the commission that you earned. It was a pleasure working with you and I wish you nothing but the best in the future. If you ever need a recommendation in the future we will be happy to supply one.”

Joanne & Tom F., Cleaning Business Owner

“You really seemed like you wanted to sell us the business that was right for us and give us the best chance to be successful. Some brokers just want to sell you whatever they can. Thank you for all your assistance helping us with the financing, and all the other details we had no idea needed to be handled.”

Robert K., Cleaning Business Buyer

“Prior to engaging BRG to sell my business I had used another broker that just listed the business on web sites. Michael was much more proactive in directly contacting potential buyers. He really took the time to understand my business and contacted buyers from multiple industries as well as extensive internet advertising while maintaining my confidentiality. As a result we had multiple offers for the business and BRG was able to negotiate a deal that worked for both the buyers and myself. It was a complicated transaction and BRG’s experience and advice throughout the process made the deal happen.”

Dan T., Internet Retail Store Owner

“I couldn’t have sold the business without your help.  I had no idea there were so many details that had to be addressed. We (Buyer and Seller) didn’t always agree but you kept the deal moving forward and found a way to close the deal where everyone was satisfied.”

Doug M., Restaurant Owner

“It was pleasure to work with you. You can proudly display on your site that our business is sold. Thanks again and all the best.”

John D., Franchise Sign Business Owner

“I’ve worked with Michael on 3 transactions. He goes the extra mile to address both parties’ concerns, and he’s the key to keeping things moving ahead and anticipating issues before they become problems. He conducts his business honestly and openly, and he’s also a real pleasure to work with. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a business, I strongly urge you to call Michael at Business Research Group.”

Mike P., Buyer of 3 Retail Shops

“I tried selling my business for 3 years with 3 different business brokers. I was reluctant to give Business Research Group an exclusive but they found a buyer and closed the sale in less than 5 months for over 90% of our asking price. I would recommend you to anyone looking to sell their business.”

Jackie B., Restaurant Owner

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work and effort that you put into selling my business. I had no idea there were so many details involved in the sale. Your professionalism and experience were very apparent and the net result was finding an excellent and well qualified buyer. I am extremely pleased with your services & highly recommend you to anyone looking to sell their business. Thank You!”

Leslie G., Consignment Store Owner