This Ebook answers important questions using acendotes from real owners:

How do I reinvent my business when sales tank?

How can I read the economy and save myself from a bad exit?

What is possible with only $100?

This EBook is your safety net when times get hard. Keep it close and remember the true stories from founders like you.

For information on this topic, download The Exit Checklist. We provide practical answers to the basic questions all sellers ask about their exit:

What is my risk aversion level?

What will my role be after I exit?

How do I ensure confidentiality?

The Exit Checklist is your first step to a happy retirement. Try it now for valuable insights into your future exit.

Get valuable examples of how business owners have built their business by sticking to 9 basic guidelines. Answer questions like:

How do I win subscribers?

How do I start with the end in mind?

What can I do to make my business impossible to imitates?

This book gives 9 ways to build value that allow you tell sell your business for much more than just your annual profit.

We all need to retire eventually, but to live the life you want, how will your business have to change?

What will I need to retire comfortably?

Will my business change once I know how much I’ll need for retirement?

How do I calculate my freedom point?

This EBook is your safety net when times get hard. Keep it close and remember the true stories from founders like you.

Nothing is better for business than more profit. Service business can create valuable sources of income by adding products to their brand offerings.

How do I find my niche?

Can I make this product fit my business’ brand?

Will this add value to my customer base?

Hear from real business owners who created lasting value through productizing.

It seems every company has ditched the one time payment and moved to subscriptions. Now you can choose from 9 models that allow you to include subscriptions in your business.

What subscription model works for me?

How can subscription models increase my profit?

How will subscription models fit my brand?

Make the most of your business with subscription models.

Using data from over 35000 business owners, this landmark study dives deep into the minds of different generations to discover how they view their future exit.

What values do owners have over generations?

Can I shift my generational mindset?

How do I oriente myself around my exit?

Reflect on your mindset and discover how to have a more satisfying exit.

We all want our businesses to make MORE money. Standard Operating Procedures help run your business to its fullest potential. This guide will allow you to make the most of your business. Just a few things SOP’s can help with:

SOPs Are the Secret to Happy Customers

SOPs Minimize Your Time Spent Problem Solving

SOPs Help You Train Confident Employees

SOPs are the foundation of a business that’s built to sell. Download this EBook to open up your business’s potential.

The most overlooked aspects of determining business value are often
the owner and their intentions, specifically, the number of owners, the

reasons for exit, and the steps taken to prepare the business for exit.

How does the owners attitude change a business’  valuation.

Will my employees change my valuation.

Should I be involved in my business after exit.

Prepare to look at the people involved in your business and use this guide to increase your exit value.

If you are too involved in your business, its value goes down when you leave. This guide gives you the tools you needs to grow your business when you aren’t there. Answer questions like:

How much of your companys revenue do you personally generate?

What is my impact on company value?

Can I replicate my sales process?

The tools you need to grow your business independent of you are at your fingertips.