Why use a Business Research Group Business Broker?

The first step in buying a business is to evaluate your skills, your commitment to owning your own business, and your financial capabilities. An existing business’s future performance is more predictable than starting a new one – and often it is more cost-effective. You may want to look for a good business that you turn into a great business.

If you are ready to find the right business opportunity there are THREE WAYS we will work with you.


Your first step is to Register with us.  As a registered Member you are pre-approved to look at the details of any business we list for sale.  You won’t be hassled by having to complete numerous NDAs, printing, signing, scanning, and mailing.

We do it all online in two minutes.  Once registered you will have access to our secure online system that will guide you to access information on the specific businesses that interest you.

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Targeted Search is a program for members who want us to find a business meeting specific criteria including size, industry, business model, and culture.  We will represent you as we learn more about the prospect, and determine if there is a good fit.  We will negotiate terms of a deal and assist in due diligence and a completed closing. 

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If you have never bought a business before you can save a great deal of money by hiring an M&A Trusted Advisor. Negotiating the sale of a business can be a highly emotional process and you must be armed with information about the fair market value of a prospect.  You also need to know what questions to ask, and how to interpret the answers.  We have deep experience on both sides of the table so we know what is fair.

  • If you are already registered Log in to view your Data Room above.