A Message From Michael

“I have known many business owners whose goal was to build their business to over $1M in revenue, but when they achieved that goal, they no longer enjoyed working in the business they built. They had problems with customers who always complained and then paid their bills 60 days late. They had problems with employees who did not care about the company the way they did. Their growth plateaued and everything they tried to keep it growing failed. Cash flow was always a problem, and it seemed like they could never build a cushion for when times were slow. And the promises to cut back from their 60-hour weeks and take a vacation never materialized.

You’ve grown your business by doing a lot of things right. Now learn to recognize that within each of those “problems” is an opportunity when viewed from a different perspective. You can continue to grow your business, but if you ever want to cash out and capture the value you have built you must grow enduring value. The Growth Zone can help you understand how that can be done.”

Michael Mitchell
CEO, Business Research Group