The Forecast

There is a major tsunami heading towards the business landscape. The story does not receive headlines on The Weather Channel or make the 6:00 news. But, if you are a baby boomer business owner, it is headed straight towards you. The majority of baby boomer wealth is held in 12 million privately owned businesses and 80% of them will exit their businesses within the next 7 years. The result is a tsunami of businesses coming up for sale.

The market is already becoming more discerning, with only the very best businesses able to attract top offers. Buyers will become even more selective in the next few years when the tsunami hits the business landscape with full force.

How You Can Prepare

Whether you exit successfully, or you are smashed by the tsunami, is up to you.  You and your business must be prepared if you are to exit successfully.  The Exit Planning Professionals have been down the path ourselves and we have traveled the path with hundreds of business owners. 

Are you ready to exit your business?

If you’ve never thought about exiting your business the best time to start is NOW!  We will guide you through the Path to Success to clarify and articulate your vision of the future, and grow your business in a way that creates enduring value and gives you more money, more time, and more enjoyment.

Need to do a little more reading up on exit planning?

We know how to build enduring value.  In fact, we wrote the book on growth.  It is called The Growth Zone.  If you want to grow the value of your business start by ordering a copy of The Growth Zone now at absolutely no charge to you.  

The Path to Success

The path of a business owner is fraught with risks and it is how you plan for risks, and how you deal with the roadblocks you encounter that will determine your success.  The Path to Success is a structured process that has been proven over years.

You will find the process to be simple, but far from simplistic.  It will challenge your thinking and force you to consider alternatives you may not have thought about. The result will be a stronger business and that gives you more options.

Many of our clients double the value of their business while working less and enjoying it more.

We prefer that you order our book first, but if you are anxious to get on the path to success you can contact us for a complimentary Success Consultation.


The Exit Checklist is a free step-by-step ebook that prepares you as you take on the challenge of exiting your business.  It answers the fundamental questions all owners ask when preparing to exit.

Follow the book along as it takes you step by step, through a series of examples of what other business owners have been through. Alighn your Exit Type with the reason you are exiting, and plan for your future.  No matter what step you are at, The Exit Checklist will be your guide on your exit journey.


We provide practical answers to the basic questions all sellers ask:

What is my risk aversion level?

What will my role be after I exit?

How do I ensure confidentiality?

The Exit Checklist is your first step to a happy retirement. Try it now for valuable insights into your future exit.

If you are ready to exit and the business is ready for sale, we are ready to move full speed ahead.