Wednesday, May 13, 9-10 a.m

8 Ways To Re-Invent Yourself In A Crisis.

Times are hard and very uncertain. Now may be a great time for re-tooling right now, so join us for the free webinar, 8 Ways To Re-Invent Yourself In A Crisis.

You’ll learn:

  • Strategies for where to cut expenses and how to re-invent your business in this environment – right now
  • Where to invest your time
  • Case studies of business owners who have pivoted in a crisis, including how one founder decided to use a crisis to exit 6 of 7 business units only to go on and sell the remaining business unit for a double-digit multiple
  • How to pick the parts of your business that are worth keeping (and what to get rid of right now)
  • How to leverage digital and virtual channels to bring your product or service to market when your traditional business model is compromised
  • How to leverage social media groups to build your business at little or no cost as more people flock to social media to combat isolation
  • One surprising source of financing for your business right now


You’ll leave this webinar with a clear understanding of what you need to do and energized to do it.