Ben Kellie got his start in the aerospace industry, helping Elon Musk figure out how to get his rockets to land on a floating barge without blowing up. 

In 2015, Kellie left SpaceX to start The Launch Company, where they supply hardware parts and consulting to a growing list of new aerospace companies like SpaceX. Less than five years after starting, Kellie was approached by Voyager Space, a private equity-backed group rolling up new space companies. Kellie sold a majority stake in The Launch Company but held on to a sizeable chunk giving Kellie financial security for his young family and a significant upside in the next chapter of The Launch Company’s development.

Strap on your harness because you’re going to learn a ton in this episode, including:

  • What Elon Musk is like to work for.
  • How to bootstrap a hardware company without giving up equity.
  • How to keep your Intellectual Property when doing consulting.
  • The fine line between “crappy and scrappy”.
  • How to structure your role as a CEO after an investor puts money into your company.
  • The difficultly of separating your ego from what your company needs to reach the next level.

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